Showgirl Queen of Confidence...Miss.Chrissy Kiss

Image by Siiri Kumari

The marvellous Miss. Chrissy Kiss tell us what she thinks about confidence…

What does confidence mean to you, Miss. Chrissy?

“Confidence is THE most attractive thing a person can carry. It is something from within that oozes trust in your own power. “

What makes you feel confident?

“If I need a quick boost then it’s some boss babe music and a good hairdo.
If we’re talking deeper confidence then it’s really checking in with myself about what are my needs, wants, and goals. If I take good care of myself then the outside world doesn’t shake my confidence so easily. 

Photographer Lisette Kruusimae

How and when did you find your inner showgirl Queen of confidence?

“My confidence didn’t happen overnight. I used to have very low self-esteem and even today am not a stranger to imposter syndrome. But me today is nothing like I was 10-15 years ago. Burlesque changed my life. The first time I saw a show I remember thinking ‘Oh! Wow… I want this! I want this, to be my life. I want to be like those powerful women up there.’ I had to learn so much to become the dream version of myself.”

Best advice for others seeking their inner confidence?

“It’s not about seducing others. It’s about seducing oneself. Start treating yourself like you would like your dream lover to treat you. Would they take you on a date? Go do that thing for yourself. What would they say to you when they see you? Say that to yourself, with the same tone of voice. What would you wear to impress your date? Wear that for yourself. What would they say to you when you’re down in the dumps? Give yourself the kindness you have always needed. Slowly, but surely, you are on your path to falling for the being you are and confidence just flows around you.”

And finally, who is your favourite Old Hollywood starlet?  

“Sophia Loren – she is such an icon. Funny, gorgeous, playful, elegant. Legendary. “


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Image by Siiri Kumari
Image by Sanne Van Bergenhenegouwen

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