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I’d love to tell you a tale if you wish to indulge me...

A tale of a glamorous, showgirl Queen, a Queen named Confidence.

Confidence is a Queen of Knowing, and she takes many forms.

In her favourite form, Confidence is embracing her unique, unmatched beauty and self appointed glamour.

Knowing that stringing pearls around her neck and painting her lips make her feel powerful, or running her hands over her skirt to feel suspender clips underneath, will quietly and secretly grant her the power that no-one else needs to know of!

Embrace and love your unique beauty, adorn it in satins and ribbons of silk if you wish, knowing that femininity, like a sparkling chandelier, has many facets, all shining beautifully.

So brush out those curls, don your most flattering outfit, paint your lips to feel your most fabulous self……or just be like Confidence, our Queen of Knowing, and think…

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