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I’d love to tell you a tale if you wish to indulge me...

A tale of a glamorous, Showgirl Queen named Confidence who used to watch from the wings of theaters and the circus, never daring to step on stage.

Frankly My Dear Lingerie is a vintage circus inspired showroom with a twist of Old Hollywood glamour. Filled with beautiful lingerie, stars and twinkling lights, it is the perfect environment to embrace your inner confidence, or as I would say….your inner Showgirl Queen.

Confidence, as we all know is about how you feel and lingerie is a way to entice that confidence without needing to step out and shout it to the world. Not everyone can do that, or would want to! We all have different levels of confidence based on the individual and circumstance. So for me, helping others feel classy, sultry and confident for no other than themselves is what I love! Nobody else needs to know about or validate your confidence.

In her favourite form, your Showgirl Queen of Confidence is embracing her unique, unmatched beauty and self appointed glamour. Running her hands over her skirt to feel suspender clips underneath, secretly grants her power that no-one else needs to know of!

Embrace and love your unique beauty, adorn it in satins and ribbons of silk if you wish and embrace your own glamourous, inner Showgirl Queen of Confidence.

Step out to centre stage and think…

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