Showgirl Queen of Confidence...Dinah Dare

Image by Emerald Photography

I spoke to Dinah last week on her thoughts about confidence.

Here’s what she had to say…

What does confidence mean to you, Dinah?

“Confidence, for me, is about feeling comfortable with who I am as a person. It’s about looking for and finding that inner validation and being happy with what you put out into the world. When we are happy with ourselves, I think confidence comes naturally.”

What makes you feel confident?

“Blasting bad ass music and having a strut. It lifts my mood and reminds me to lift my head high, look forward and smash the day.”

Image by Bane Grimm Photo

How and when did you find your inner showgirl Queen of confidence?

“I think this was a long time in the making. It took me a long time to find what my passion was and to convince myself I was good enough to do it. It started from going to a circus school about 7 years ago and i think it’s still ongoing. The first time i performed on stage as Dinah Dare really was where i found my inner showgirl and the continual growth of my confidence has come from there.”

Best advice for others seeking their inner confidence?

“Find what your passion is and work towards shrugging off the expectations of society on you. I don’t live a stereotypical life and embracing my passions without caring about judgement has been really freeing.”

And finally, who is your favourite Old Hollywood starlet?  

“Lana Turner – her look and costumes are iconic”


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Image by Marieke Captures
Image by BellePrive Photography
Image by BellePrive Photography

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